New room decor ideas 

Here are some ideas for filling the blank spaces in your room. These are minimalistic that anyone can recreate. 

1.snack corner 

2. Mini garden 

3. Reading corner 


Wall collage decor ideas 

Often the room walls are blank and boring. Chances are they lack inspiration. Wall collage is an amazing way to cover up those sad walls with pictures,quotes, art work and whatever you like. Here are some of the ways I used pictures and quotes to make wall collages. They even work for bed posts and cupboards. If you have enough stuff on the walls you can always frame the art work.

Fairy lights decor ideas

If it feels like your house party is missing something and you have no time to work on it, then fairy lights can come to your rescue. You don’t need to put any time or effort into making extensive diys just get fairy lights and decorate your house in any way you want. Here are some pictures of the way I used them to bring sparkle to my house. These are great ideas for last minute parties or they can even work as beautiful room decor items.

Beach inspired room decor




The feeling of being on a beach is extraordinary. I feel both excited and calm at the same time, somewhat like the way warm sand and cold waves co-exist in a symbiotic relationship. We all wish that the beach vacations never end but sadly they do, so here are some room decor ideas to give your room a beach vibe all year around.

  1. Mini beach –Take mini glass jars and fill them with sand and place around some shells, candles or stones. This looks really cute and occupies very little space. This is a really good idea for those who want to decorate smaller places and thus can’t fit in bigger décor items.





  2. Dream catchers-

    Add dream catchers to your room, they bring color to your room and their delicate movements look absolutely pleasing to the eyes. 


    3. Sea shells – Adding shells to your room will give it the perfect beach look, so take out the shells  that you collected from your last trip to the beach and get creative, here are some ideas.

4. Ocean quotes – . Find your favorite ocean quotes, print or write them on a piece of paper. Then you can frame them. That’s it you can place them on your study or dressing table. It’s simple yet a unique addition to your room. 



These were some ideas that you can use to decorate your room to give it a beach vibe. they are really easy and some of them are available in the markets if you don’t want to create them yourself. choose colors from the blue and green family as they work better with the theme.












colour of your personality

          ” if you could paint the world in one color what color would that be ?”



Even if we reduce the definition of colors in terms of wavelengths there is no denial that they represent something much more than that. The different hues have an effect on our emotions and even on our cognition at some level. Moreover they have deep personal and cultural relevance. Every color that falls on our palette of perception communicates a different meaning. The color of ones surrounding will have an impact on him/her so it’s better pick out color for your room that matches your aura. Here is a list of colors and what are they are generally associated with, along with some décor ideas that are really easy to recreate.


You are confident, you are self-reliant and ambitious; you have a way of making things not just better but the best. You are passionate about things and a born leader. You are not afraid to express love and compassion. The hue closest to your personality might be red



2. orange 

If the color orange defines you that may imply that you are a warm person with a zest that no one can match, you are active, unique and experimental. You are not afraid to be different and have a high individuation need. You may also have amazing enthusiasm and determination.





3. yellow 

If you believe that yellow is your color chances are that you are a happy soul, you enjoy simple joys in life. You are optimistic and hopeful! you bring hope and joy to others. you believe that things eventually get better.





4. green 

If you like green then this may show that you are a person who is close to nature, the one who is in touch with one’s and other’s emotions. Chances are you are a balanced individual. You strive for personal growth and spiritual well being.




5. blue 

Blue signifies sincerity, wisdom, confidence. If you find that blue is your color chances are you are a calm individual, you favor rationality and stability. You are versatile, you are persistent and hardworking. Chances are you are also sincere and reserved.



6. pink 

If you chose pink as the color of your personality then chances are you are charming, affectionate and approachable, you have high emotional component and you care about others.  It’s quite possible that you are loving, kind, generous and sensitive to the needs of others. Also you are optimistic and see the good in everyone.
















































































































































































































































4 easy ways to store and showcase your jewellery collection


It’s often the situation that we are not able to use half of our jewellery collection because chances are they are buried deep inside huge boxes in the closet and really hard to retrieve. So here are 4 amazing ways to showcase your accessories that act as stunning room decor pieces and make them more accessible when you are running against the time to complete that perfect outfit.

   1.Framed trinket

This is a unique way to flaunt your favourite earrings. Find a photo frame with broad margins and remove the glass then insert a nylon net the same way you would insert a picture, that’s it! just hang your favourite piece of jewellery in the net and you will have a perfect addition for your dressing table.

FullSizeRender (15)

2. Boxed ornaments

If you lose your jewellery too often this one will help you, this diy practically needs no effort. Get hold of any wooden frame; I found this one from a florist shop. Next hang your everyday accessories on the rims of the frame. This looks amazing and it’s a fantastic way to prevent them from getting lost and making them more accessible in the morning.

FullSizeRender (9)

3. Jewelled canvas

Take any cloth material and wrap it around a canvas or cardboard, a basic colour would act as a better base for your jewellery. Then you wrap the canvas with a thread this will create a beautiful geometric pattern. Next secure it with tape at the back of the canvas and then you can easily hang your necklaces and chains on the canvas, if required you can secure the ornaments with pins however its optional. This is a minimalistic addition to your room if you don’t want to go all out plus it can be also used as wall hanging.

FullSizeRender (17)

4.Kitchen jewellery

If you are the one who wants to make your room look totally unconventional but with  minimum efforts this one is for you. Get cups, tumblers and plates from your kitchen and place them in any way you want. There is no one way of doing this you can play with different colours and patterns. Here are some examples I created with wine glasses, shot glasses and tea cups. This looks extremely unique and consumes very little space.

That’s it! Theses are really simple yet really cute ways of using your jewellery as decor items and also making them within your reach when you have no time to hunt them. These diys were totally inexpensive as i reused most of the items also it practically took me no time to complete them. I hope you like the ideas and pictures and recreate them for your room.